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THE OTHERS Art Fair 2016

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The Others is the first Italian art fair focused on international emerging art, this year in its sixth edition.
The Others hosts profit and no-profit spaces whose programs are actively dedicated to young artists: art galleries, no-profit exhibition spaces, foundations, associations, collectives of artists or curators and artist-run spaces focused on the promotion and development of the up-and-coming art scene. Moreover, collaborations with publishing projects, art prizes, artists residencies, art academies and self-produced design spaces make The Others a fair with a 360 degrees point of view on the art world. Over the years the amount of exhibitors, the turnout of visitors and the visibility of the project increased allowing The Others to open up ever more towards the international art panorama.The Others is a one of a kind exhibition platform, created to generate new creative energies.The 2016 edition is characterized by several innovations aimed at strengthening the uniqueness of the fair, making it a cultural event unlike any other, a generator of new dialogues, a privileged observatory on the international emerging art scene.
The Others leaves the space of the former prison facility "Le Nuove" to move to the former Hospital Regina Maria Adelaide.
This shift marks a change in the same nature of the fair. The Others becomes an itinerant event, nomadic, which will be located in unconventional spaces, often abandoned, thus contributing to their reactivation and revitalization.
The Others takes place in Lungo Dora Firenze 87, on the ground floor of the former Hospital Regina Maria Adelaide, in the trendiest urban area of Turin, a 5-minute walk from Piazza Castello. The building, opened in 1887, consists of three wings connected by hallways and overlooking a vast courtyard. Named after Queen Maria Adelaide in 1885, it was a trauma center of excellence and among the first to introduce the re-education and rehabilitation services in the 60's. Closed in April of 2016, it was given to The Others thanks to the availability and sensibility of the City of Health and Science of Turin.
The Others is developing an open and multi-faceted identity. The fair aims at interpreting the contemporary cultural metamorphosis that sees individuals dealing with a deep technological and communicative revolution.
Concepts such as stability and a sedentary lifestyle are nowadays becoming increasingly obsolete, replaced by new cultural parameters: mobility, flexibility, adaptability, dynamism, diversity, cosmopolitanism, cultural contamination and autonomy.
The Others chooses to eradicate itself, relocating over the years ahead in different venues, thus promoting the flow of ideas, of intellectual stimulus, of openness and fluency among cultures. The Others turns Cultural Nomadism into its belief. Through the change of locations the fair uses a pioneering model to interact with the local communities giving rise to a continuous flow of knowledge, consciousness and creative exchanges.
A program comprising Performance, Video, Music and the novelty of a day dedicated to a Roundtable, which this year will explore and discuss the theme of Cultural Nomadism, make the fair a dynamic event, full of moments of discussion and interchange of experiences, ideas, projects and debates, which are fundamental triggers of positive synergies for the growth of the whole contemporary art system.
Vital part of the Turin art week, The Others is a great opportunity for those wishing to explore the emerging contemporary art scene.
The Others Exhibit: the second edition of Exhibit is presented this year inside the Fair, in a dedicated corridor of Maria Adelaide. The exhibition is inspired by a principle that should always be the main one of art: to be boundless. Sculptures, installations and multimedia interventions with no size limits will engage with the vastness of their container, forcing the usual limits of an exhibition space
The Others Performance: a daily program of performances from artists proposed by the exhibitors.
The Others Screen: inside three small projection rooms, adjacent to each other, videos selected by the Curatorial Committee will rotate every day.
The Others Roundtable: The Others will invite some of the major players in the emerging art scene to discuss the topic of Cultural Nomadism.
The Others is promoted by Associazione The Others.

Ex Ospedale Regina Maria Adelaide Lungo Dora Firenze, 87 TORINO

tel. +39 011 850 660 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3 > 6 November 2016

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Opening Hours : 3 November | h. 9.00pm - 1.00am | Opening party
4 – 5 November | h. 5.00pm – 1.00am | The Others show
6 November | h. 11.00am – 8.00pm | The Others show
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Entrance :
Ticket 7,00 euros
Reduced-price ticket 5,00 euros: University Students (University of Turin, Polytechnic University of Turin, IAAD, IED), CAMPO-Corso per curatori - TorinoContemporary Card - Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino
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