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6 VOOR 6 Amsterdam 2017 - 6 > 17 april 2017

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Loods 6 - Bagagehal KNSM laan 143 1019 LB Amsterdam

6 > 17 april 2017

On Thursday the 6th of April at exactly 6 minutes before 6 pm the cooperative art fair 6 voor 6 will open at Loods 6 in Amsterdam. Five renowned galleries and an institute for design will join forces at the monumental luggage hall of the former Dutch Steamboat Corporation that later became an influential cultural Freeport during the '80s. Together, 6 generations of gallerists will organise an event with the attitude of an exhibition and the energy of an art fair. Costs and profits are split evenly amongst all participants and the entirety of the presentation will be made in close collaboration. The idea for this event came from one of the most experienced gallerists of the Netherlands, Oeke Witteveen. Ten years ago, she organised a series of five similar events (with four participating galleries) that booked notable success in their time. Since then the art market as a whole has become even more globalised and individualised, resulting in tough competitive field for many European galleries. 6 voor 6 is a local and cooperative response on a hyperactive, overheated market that often prioritises commercial interest before considering artistic motivations. With this exhibition, the six participants strive to send out a positive signal and to showcase the strength of the Dutch art scene.
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/ Dudok de Groot / Maurits van de laar / Oeke Witteveen / The Frozen Fountain / Vriend van Bavink / TORCH /
Opening: Thursday the 6th april at 5:54 pm
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Opening hours:
6 April: 5:54 – 9 pm
7-17 April: 11 AM – 6 PM
18 April: 11 AM – 5 PM
Fair Tickets
Free Entrance!

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