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berliner liste 2016

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Kraftwerk Berlin Köpenicker Straße 70 10179 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 700 38 771 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 15th > September 18th 2016

The 13th Berliner Liste, the largest Berlin Art Fair, will take place from September 15th to 18th, in one of the most loved industrial locations in the city – Kraftwerk. Berlin’s biggest and longest established art fair showcases affordable, innovative and contemporary artwork. Berliner Liste unites galleries and individual artists under one roof, giving them a wonderful opportunity to exhibit their art and share their visions – this year, we will host 112 exhibitors from 25 countries. Entering the doors of Kraftwerk, visitors will step onto a journey of discovery, where contemporary art meets traditional and classical, where artists have the opportunity to meet potential buyers, make new gallery acquaintances, and enjoy the exciting ambiance. Along with Berlin Art Week, the Berliner Liste, once again, proves that Berlin rightfully has a reputation of the world’s most cutting-edge artistic center, as well as the Berlin’s artist justify their limelight positions.
Galleries at berliner liste 2016
Adam Goodison London, United Kingdom - Adgang Forbudt Kobenhaven, Denmark - Alina Melnikova Barcelona, Spain - Anabell Ganske Hamburg, Germany - Andrea Gregori Berlin, Germany / Italy - Andrea Schöning Potsdam-Marquardt, Germany - Andrey Kezzyn Saint Petersburg, Russia - Anja Struck Lüneburg, Germany - Anna Käse Berlin, Germany - Antar Dayal Los Angeles, USA - Apollo Art Gallery Taipei, Taiwan - Art&Space 312 Seoul, Republik Korea - ARTEM-REICH Basel, Switzerland - Artemidis Nürnberg, Germany - artfein Gallery Berlin, Germany - Assembly Gallery Poznan, Poland - Astrid Echle Walluf, Deutschland - Ayis Zita | Annuska Dal Maso Athens, Greece | Helsinki, Finland - Baback Tscharandabi | Collectors Club Berlin, Germany - brauckmann-art Kaag, Netherlands - Bueffelfish – contemporary fine arts gallery Dresden, Germany - Carl Smith Art Berlin, Germany - Cecilia Zawadzki Berlin, Germany - Cell63 artgallery Berlin, Germany - Christof Hartmann Düsseldorf, Germany - coGALERIE Karlsruhe, Deutschland - Daniela Baumann Solingen, Germany - Daniela Paulus Nürnberg, Germany - Die Schröder-Galerie Berlin, Germany - Dimitri Dimitriadès (Eoésis) Alsace, France - Doppeldenk Leipzig, Germany - Doris Kollmann Berlin, Germany - DUB Gallery Pelhrimov, Czech Republic - Edvardas Racevicius Greifswald, Deutschland - Engdaget Legesse Amede Berlin, Germany - EunJung Seo-Zimmermann Berlin, Südkorea - Europäisches Kulturzentrum Remagen • Galerie Rosemarie Bassi Remagen, Germany - Evdokia Kulikova Northeim, Germany - Evgeny Gegouzin Jerusalem, Israel - Freddy Reitz Berlin , Germany - Gabriele Heynold Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Galerie Achtzig Berlin, Germany - Galerie Böhner Mannheim, Germany - Galerie Hofkabinett Linz, Austria - Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Germany - Galerie NUMMER40 Doetinchem, Netherlands - Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler Berlin, Germany - Galleria Unique Torino, Italy - Gallery Rembrandt Eindhoven, Netherlands - German Pop Art Galerie Pirmasens, Germany - Giorgi Shengelia Bergen NH, Netherlands - Hamacher und Reichert Trier, Germany - Hans Galliker Rotkreuz, Switzerland - Hans W. Krämer Aachen, Deutschland - Henriette Simon Berlin, Germany - Hyun Ok Kim Berlin, Germany - Isterika Fürth, Germany - Ivan Kostolov Berlin, Germany - Jan Künzler Würzburg, Germany - Jason Haufe Docklands, Australia - Jaya Suberg | Georg Wachberg Berlin, Germany - Jeanet Hönig Schaffhausen, Switzerland - Johann Camut | Dagmar Friedrich Berlin, Germany - Jordan Seiler New York, USA - Julius Gnoth Mülheim a. d. Ruhr | Germany - Jürgen Bartenschlager Trunkelsberg, Germany - Jürgen Haupt Santa Ponsa, Spanien - Kaja el Attar Berlin, Germany - Kalashnikovv Gallery Johannesburg, South Africa - Kang Mu-Xiang Taiwan - Kerstin Arnold Saarbrücken, Germany - Kirstin Becker Berlin, Germany - Kunstverein Artinnovation Innsbruck, Austria - la galería de guadalajara Guadalajara, Spain - Laurent Nurisso Marseille, France - Lilau Gries, Germany - londonprintstudio London, United Kingdom - Luigi Caiffa Berlin, Germany - Margarete Adler Berlin, Germany - Marie-Lou Desmeules Valencia, Spain - Mario Bermel & 24 Beaubourg Berlin | Paris - Marion Pohl Berlin, Germany - Markus J. Becker Berlin, Germany - Martin George Melbourne, Australia - Medienwerkstatt Berlin im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH Berlin, Germany - Neodent Gallery Prague, Czech Republic - Nestor Alexandru Bucharest, Romania - Open Walls Gallery Berlin, Germany - OX Paris, France - Panos Famelis Pallini/Athens, Greece - Pavel Guliaev Monino, Russland - Petula Girndt Berlin, Germany - Philipp Artus Berlin, Germany - Pine Wood Fine Art Werder, Germany - RAWW Bucharest, Romania - Reichert und Hamacher - Robert Laatz Berlin, Germany - S.E.T. – school of entertainment & technology Inning am Holz, Germany - Sandra van der Meulen Middelburg, Netherlands - Sandvoort Gallery Amsterdam, Netherlands - Serigraffeur Berlin, Germany - Sol Michiels Brugge, Belgium - Sonja Lefevre-Burgdorf Tawern, Germany - STALE AMSTERDAM Amsterdam, Netherlands - Stefan Pietsch Berlin, Germany - Studio Claudia Fauth Berlin, Germany - Studio GR Sacile, Italy ; New York City , USA - SYSTEMA GALLERY Osaka, Japan - Teehausgalerie Potsdam Rathenow, Germany - Thomas Koch Berlin, Deutschland - Thomas Marecki Berlin, Germany - Tobias Twilling Berlin, Germany - URBAN ART COLOGNE BY UNIKAT 5 Köln, Germany - Urban Spree Galerie Berlin, Germany - Urs Bumke Greifswald, Germany - Visuman Berlin, Germany - Wolfram Völcker Fine Art Greifswald, Germany - Xavier Krilyk Berlin, Germany - Yelizavyeta Berlin, Germany
mpefm GERMANY fair art press release
Official Opening:
September 14th, from 6pm
Opening hours
Thursday – Saturday: 1 pm to 9 pm
Sunday, September 18th: 11 am to 7 pm
Entrance / Prices
Day ticket: 13,00 € incl. catalog
Concessions: 9,00 €
Opening: 13,00 € incl. catalog
Additional catalog: 5,00 €
The entrance is free for all students on Thursday, September 15th
Children under 12 free
The fair is wheelchair-friendly

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