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ArtRio 2016 Rio de Janeiro

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/ Exhibitors City - Country/ :
/ A GENTIL CARIOCA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / ALMACÉN THEBALDI GALERIA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / ALMEIDA E DALE GALERIA DE ARTE São Paulo - Brasil / ANITA SCHWARTZ GALERIA DE ARTE Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / ARTUR FIDALGO GALERIA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / ATHENA GALERIA DE ARTE Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / BERGAMIN & GOMIDE São Paulo - Brasil / CARBONO GALERIA São Paulo - Brasil / CASA TRIÂNGULO São Paulo - Brasil / CELMA ALBUQUERQUE GALERIA DE ARTE Belo Horizonte - Brasil / COLECIONADOR ESCRITÓRIO DE ARTE Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / DAVID ZWIRNER GALLERY Nova York - Estados Unidos / FÓLIO São Paulo - Brasil / GABINETE DE ARTE K2O Brasília - Brasil / GALERIA ATHENA CONTEMPORÂNEA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / GALERIA DA GÁVEA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / GALERIA DE ARTE IPANEMA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / GALERIA ESTAÇÃO São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA FORTES VILAÇA Panorama / Solo São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA FRENTE São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA INOX Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / GALERIA LUISA STRINA São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA MARILIA RAZUK São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA MEZANINO São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA MILLAN São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA MURILO CASTRO Belo Horizonte - Brasil / GALERIA NARA ROESLER São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA OSCAR CRUZ São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA RAQUEL ARNAUD São Paulo - Brasil / GALERIA SUR Montevideo - Uruguay / GALERIE AGNES MONPLAISIR Paris - França / GALERIE BERNARD CEYSSON Saint-Étienne - França / GARY NADER MIAMI – NEW YORK Miami - Estados Unidos / GRAPHOS:BRASIL Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / GUSTAVO REBELLO ARTE Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / HILDA ARAÚJO ESCRITÓRIO DE ARTE São Paulo - Brasil / LUCIANA CARAVELLO ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / LURIXS ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / MARCIA BARROZO DO AMARAL Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / MERCEDES VIEGAS ARTE CONTEMPORÂNEA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / MUL.TI.PLO ESPAÇO ARTE + POLÍGRAFA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / OTHER CRITERIA: NEW YORK / LONDON Nova York - Estados Unidos / PAULO KUCZYNSKI ESCRITÓRIO DE ARTE São Paulo - Brasil / PIERO ATCHUGARRY GALLERY Pueblo Garzón - Uruguai / PINAKOTHEKE Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / PRAXIS Buenos Aires - Argentina / REFERÊNCIA GALERIA DE ARTE Brasília - Brasil / ROBERTO ALBAN GALERIA Salvador - Brasil / RONIE MESQUITA GALERIA Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY Miami - Estados Unidos / SILVIA CINTRA + BOX 4 Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / SIM GALERIA Curitiba - Brasil / SIMÕES DE ASSIS GALERIA DE ARTE Curitiba - Brasil / VERMELHO São Paulo - Brasil / ZIPPER GALERIA São Paulo - Brasil

Pier Mauá Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 10 Praça Mauá Rio de Janeiro Brasil

+55 21 3114-0171 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

September 29 > October 2nd, 2016

ArtRio is the main endeavor of BEX, producer of cultural events specialized in the visual arts. BEX was founded in 2009, by Brenda Valansi, Elisangela Valadares, Alexandre Accioly dissemination and distribution of Brazilian art within and beyond Brazil's borders. The organization promotes fairs, publishes art-related materials and attracts international collectors, critics and curators to Brazil. In 2011, businesspeople Alexandre Accioly and Luiz Calainho joined the organization, bringing many new ideas and projects to the endeavor.
ArtRio 2016 will be held from September 29 to October 2nd (preview on September 28). The success of the fifth edition of ArtRio confirmed the fair as one of the most important on the world art scene. The fair welcomed 52,000 visitors to view works shown by 80 galleries in 20,000 square meters of space in warehouses 1, 2, 3, and 4 at Pier Mauá.
ArtRio is more than an art fair; it is a unique event where visitors can view art work by the great masters along side works by up-and-coming artists. ArtRio is active on the art scene throughout the year promoting new artists and galleries by supporting exhibitions and study opportunities. The event is creating an artistic legacy for the Brazilian people who, eager consumers of art and culture, visit the fair in large numbers.
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Fair hours:
28|09 - Preview
29|09 - 1pm to 8pm
30|09 - 1pm to 8pm
01|10 - 1pm to 8pm
02|10 - 1pm to 7pm
R$ 30 full-price | R$ 15 half-ticket
All ages admitted

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